Hello there !
You got sent to this page because you use either a Netscape browser or an old version of Explorer.
When I write this the Netscape 5.0 version is not yet available, and with the latest from them being 4.7 you are heading for trouble when surfing the internet with this.
My site is based on both DHTML and HTML and optimized for <4.x browsers. Netscape and old versions of Explorer do not show the pages correctly when DHTML is used. Not any major big problems but enough to make the viewing a bit troublesome.

I'm not interested in the "blah, blah war" beetween Netscape and Explorer users, so please no e-mails about that.
I just want webpages to look and function as good as possible and with Netscape on the market (in it's present form)this causes many not needed problems and is time consuming to work out.

Sure I can work in Table's instead of Layers, and of course the filter effects are not important (If you use Netscape you might never heard about them?)
And who needs all those mouseover and onclick functions? Again, this will probably work in Netscape but it's a gamble !! Please change your browser , until Netscape works something out that will do the job !!!
If you use an old Explorerversion: Upgrade ! (Or maybe Opera ?well..hmmm?)
I hope you know how to download or to somehow get the latest Browsers ? If not ,ask me....

Browser statistics:

Of  more than 2000 visitors
to this site and to my personal site
Just 21% used a Netscape browser.
71% used Explorer 4 or 5,
- the last 8 % used Explorer 2 and 3,
or Opera.

Are you mad and angry because I don't like Netscape, and wanna leave ?
Please don't ...

Stay and take a look !
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